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2/4/2014. OpenNotes Helps Patients Informed & Engaged. U.S. News & World Report. 
9/17/2013. Doctors’ offices may not see a lot of changes from Obamacare. LJ World.
8/6/2013. The doctor will see you now but not your insurance.
8/6/2013. Doctors turning to concierge medicine. KMBZ Radio, Kansas City.
7/22/2013. Doc's a Modern-Day Marcus Welby. National Examiner (yes, the tabloid)
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11/8/2012. Podcast Chat w/ Dr. Neu - Family Medicine Rocks
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9/14/2012. former Lawrence resident organizes patient advocacy group.
8/12/2012. Doctors are a Broken Record.
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11/13/2011. New Lawrence doctor bringing innovative approach. Lawrence Journal-World