NeuCare for Business

By eliminating the middlemen, we help businesses and their employees get better health care AND save money. The core of our mission is Direct Primary Care (DPC) which can handle many health care needs without the hassles of insurance. We also offer all NeuCare Business partners a variety of Wellness & Occupational Health services.


Healthy, happy employees.

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If you haven't noticed, the traditional health care system is inefficient, confusing and expensive. We strive to keep our members healthy, happy and away from that system as much as possible.

Our innovative, hassle-free Direct Primary Care (DPC) services can take care of most peoples health issues without worries about co-pays, deductibles or getting a timely appointment.


Healthy, happy bosses.

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Companies try a variety of tactics to lower costs while maintaining quality health benefits, but it's a seemingly impossible task these days.  We work with companies to accomplish both right away. 

We help offer employee health benefits where none exist or work with insurance brokers to create a comprehensive health benefit solution combining NeuCare + insurance plan for care needed outside of primary care. 

Direct Primary Care


We think it's silly that Joe needs to take a day off work and pay a co-pay just to refill his blood pressure medication. Our high-tech and personalized services can simplify the management of most health issues -- so that Joe can finish his TPS reports on time. 

We work directly for our members to offer high-tech, high-quality health care including same-day/no-wait visits, online services, after-hours care, house calls & much more. We call our model "Direct Primary Care" (DPC). Our members call it awesome.


Covered Services + Fees

Our members receive most primary care services at no charge and without co-pays; including 24/7 access, unlimited clinic doctor visits and communications, online consults with specialists, most routine lab tests, flu shots, many procedures, medical equipment lease & much more. 

For services that do require a fee, we list all of our prices upfront in plain english; like lab work, procedures and medications at wholesale prices (at 50-90% discount). 

For a full list of our covered services and fees, go here


Membership Fees

Direct Primary Care (DPC) memberships are a voluntary benefit for any employee and their family member(s). The employer may pay 100% of the membership fee for employee +/- family members, or can pay a fixed % of that to share costs with employee. 

INDIVIDUALS = $59 per month (any age, employee or dependent)
FAMILY PLAN = $139 per month (up to 2 adults AND children up to age 25 years)

Our memberships cover the vast majority of primary care needs with ZERO additional fees. For services that do require fees, we provide services and items at wholesale prices, including labs, after-hours visits, Rx medications, procedure supplies, supplies & more.

The bottom line

NeuCare saves your employees time and your business money, for the health of your company. 

More questions? Try our FAQ for business or contact us.