Welcome to Version 2.0 of our website has been an idea simmering in my brain for quite sometime; probably before finishing Version 1.0! While I have received many compliments on the style of our original website, it lacked clarity and cohesiveness of exactly how NeuCare works. I really think the new site nicely summarizes the basics of our version of Direct Primary Care on our SERVICES & PRICING pages.

In case you were wondering, I am NOT color-blind! One of my missions is to make primary health care easy for people; especially it's finances. We list all of our fees upfront and make things 'black & white' -- No decimals. No insurance coding gibberish. No hieroglyphics. I wanted the website to reflect that simplicity and transparency. 

iPhone friendly

iPhone friendly

We have also greatly revamped the MEMBERS section of our website; including addition of a few new features, such as Refill Request and online Forms. I also have some other big ideas in this arena, so stay tuned.

The new website is also dynamic, so it will nicely format to any screen size or resolution - including phones and tablets. Members will now be able to easily send us messages, request visits & more from the comfort of their sofa on their iGadget.

I still have several sections to complete, including Medication/Pharmacist, NeuCare for Business and our health education platform, NeuCare EDU. We will hopefully get those rolled out in the next few months. I skipped investing in an editor, so if you see any typos or mistakes, feel free to volunteer your editing skills!