To provide the highest quality and value of care, NeuCare works directly and exclusively for patients. 
Our simple, monthly membership fee covers the vast majority of primary care services without insurance hassles.
We call it Direct Primary Care; our members call it awesome.


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Kids (18 & under)

Adults (19-69)

Seniors (70+)


Family Plan

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May include up to 2 adults (parents)
& 2 of their children (dependents age 25 & under)

Additional kids beyond 2
= $10/mo each


Members receive . . .

  • Communications (phone, text, emails)

  • Clinic visits (regular hours) when required

  • Yearly Wellness + Prevention Planning

  • Some routine lab & tests

  • Medical equipment lease (crutches, etc.)

  • Yearly flu shot

  • Access to discounted, wholesale pricing on other services (labs, meds, procedures, etc.)

One-time $80 enrollment fee per househould

Initial month's membership fee is pro-rated based on start date & auto-paid monthly thereafter

Billing & Payment Full Details

Services + Fees


Clinic visits, during regular hours and communications (email, phone, text) are provided without any additional fees. 

We do charge a convenience fee for: 

  • House calls = $50

  • After-hours = $100


Our goal is to be the quarterback of your health care team to make sure everyone is on the same page. We can make referrals to any local specialist doctor when needed.  

Online Consultations

We provide members an online specialist consult service called Rubicon MD for no additional charge. This can enhance care by providing quick, convenient opinions from a network of board-certified specialists from around the country -- helping to avoid many specialists visits altogether. 


Many routine labs and tests are provided at no charge to members; including . . .

  • Urine dipstick test

  • Rapid strep test

  • EKG (heart)

  • Cholesterol (basic lipids)

  • Chemistry panel

  • Blood counts (CBC)

  • A1c (diabetes)

  • TSH (thyroid)

Labs & tests not covered by membership fee are provided at "wholesale" price without mark-up; a 70-90% savings versus average. Most common tests are $20 or under.


Abscess Drainage = FREE
Ear wax removal = FREE
Wart Treatment = MKT PRICE
Mole removal/Skin biopsy* = $20
Wound repair (stitches, glue) = $20
Ingrown toenail removal = $20
Joint Injection (steroid) = $20
Splint = $20
Pap smear (includes lab) = $30
Cast = $20-40

*May require additional lab or pathology charge


For convenience and a 50-90% savings, we offer many prescription medications at wholesale prices.

Prescriptions for meds can also be sent to pharmacy if needed of preferred. 


We have a network of affordable imaging studies for our members. We can often save 70-90% discount vs. standard pricing. Examples include....

X-rays = $40-60
Ultrasound = $150-250
CT Scan = $270-350
MRI = $450-600


Flu Shot (standard) = FREE
TDaP (Tetanus + Pertussis) = $50

We do NOT currently administer childhood vaccines due to our small volume, but refer to Health Department when needed. 

Health Insurance

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We are an independent, alternative way to receive your primary health care, but not a complete substitute for health “insurance”. We encourage, but don't require, our members to carry some type of health insurance policy in case of unexpected, expensive health events such as surgery or hospitalization.

If you do have a PPO-style health insurance plan, you can still elect to use your insurance elsewhere (specialists, pharmacy, etc.) just as normal when needed. 

If you have questions about how health insurance is best structured with our services, we are happy to discuss with you. 

Still have questions? FAQs about insurance