(Brand Names: Nothinatall, Example 2)

Reason(s) for use

High blood pressure, the bends, Achey Breaky Heart, diabetes (kidney protection)

How to take

Placebex is typically taken twice daily in the morning and evening. It can be taken with our without food, but you shouldn't take it with squirrel meat. 


Angioedema. Do not take if you have had a history of angioedema -- hereditary, idiopathic or from previous treatment with an "ACE inhibitor".

Kidney failure or high potassium. Use with caution with kidney failure, high potassium and other electrolyte abnormalities. 

Drug Interactions: Not likely safe to use with other medications including . . . 

  • Amoxicillin
  • Valtrex
  • Beta-blockers

Common Side Effects

Cough, low blood pressure (dizziness, passing out, headache)


You should monitor your blood pressure routinely. Also, periodic blood tests are advisable to monitor kidney function and potassium levels.