NeuCare for Business FAQs

How can I get my business started? 
Contact us to arrange a meeting so we can answer any questions and figure out the best way to arrange your benefit. 

Can my employees learn about NeuCare prior to joining?
For sure! You can send employees to our general website or the NeuCare for Business prospective member page.   Also, we'd be happy to give a live group presentation to your employees and answer any questions. Also, individual employees can set up a time to visit our clinic and speak with Dr. Neu and staff.

How do my employees enroll in DPC? 
Each member (employee or family member) MUST submit a member registration online by the end of each enrollment period to be eligible to join. Then they will be confirmed as active members on your business plan. 

What about part-time employees?
Yes. You can offer our affordable primary care services to any employee regardless of hours worked.

Can employee's family members enroll in DPC program?
Absolutely! In fact, FAMILY is right in our name and offer a "Family Plan" membership. 

How much will NeuCare DPC cost the business?
It can be at ZERO COST to the employer if you elect to have the employees pay the entire membership fee via payroll. However, many businesses choose to partially or fully support the membership fee.

How does NeuCare DPC this work with my existing insurance plan?
NeuCare DPC can work as a stand alone health benefit without insurance or as a supplement to an insurance plan for more comprehensive coverage. Creating a self-funded health plan with NeuCare is probably the most cost effective option. However, many businesses find a combination of NeuCare DPC + High-Deductible Plan + HSA gives the business and employee a great value. 

Can you provide care for worker's injuries? Worker's 'comp' care?
For active DPC members, we can provide any type of medical care to our members within our scope of practice; including evaluation and treatment of injuries (strains, lacerations, etc.) resulting from work activities. If the injuries requires further care outside our services, we can often find providers that offer deep discounts (e.g. MRIs for 50-90% less than standard hospital charges). However, we do not provide medical care to employees whom are NOT active members of our Direct Primary Care program.

Does NeuCare satisfy the business 'insurance requirement' under the Affordable Care Act ("Obamacare") requirement? 

Not by itself. NeuCare is not health insurance and provides only primary care services and access to a discount network. Ultimately, our services can reduce a companies health expenses with just about any health insurance plan. Companies can create a comprehensive self-funded plan including NeuCare that may qualify as acceptable coverage under the Affordable Care Act.