Lawrence family physician offering online service for speciality physician consults.

June 19, 2015

LAWRENCE, KS -- NeuCare Family Medicine, owned by family physician Dr. Ryan Neuhofel, has partnered with a  telemedicine company, RubiconMD, to offer their patients online consultations with specialist physicians. The RubiconMD service gives NeuCare access to a network of top specialists nationwide, enabling quick remote opinions over a web-based platform. Dr. Neuhofel will be able to share medical records and pictures with specialist physicians in nearly every field when needing a second opinion.

Dr. Neuhofel, owner of NeuCare, believes the service will make his and patients’ lives easier. “We had a patient with an unusual facial rash yesterday and shared the patient’s history and pictures with a Dermatologist. Amazingly, the doctor responded with recommendations in less than an hour,” Dr. Neuhofel reported.

NeuCare is a Direct Primary Care practice that is supported by membership fees, rather than insurance-based payments, so is offering the specialty “e-consults” for no additional charge to their members. “Obviously this is a huge savings to our patients, but I think can provide more efficient care in many circumstances, “ Neuhofel claims. “We have offered online communications to our patients from the beginning, but this will really take that access to the next level.”

Neuhofel’s model of practice is growing rapidly around the country. He will be a featured speaker at the “Direct Primary Care Summit” this July in Kansas City. (